Voltaiq Secures Financing and Releases Software Version 3.5

Voltaiq Inc., a pioneer in battery intelligence software, has raised a $2M seed funding round. The financing, led by San Francisco-based Bee Partners, establishes Voltaiq as a leader in battery analytics. Voltaiq’s comprehensive battery intelligence software product suite transforms the inefficient, ad hoc data solutions that still dominate this rapidly growing industry, speeding product improvement, streamlining operations, and helping to avoid the kind of costly, high-profile failures that have dominated headlines in recent weeks.

“It’s an exciting time for the battery industry, with both the electric vehicle and energy storage markets taking off,” said Michael Berolzheimer, Founder and Managing Partner of Bee Partners. “Unfortunately, safety and reliability still aren’t where they need to be. We’re happy to support Voltaiq in providing the industry standard platform for ensuring that batteries systems are built and perform correctly.”

Voltaiq is also announcing the version 3.5 release of their battery intelligence software. The software automatically transforms raw battery data streams, independent of the source, into a user friendly database where information can be instantly accessed, sorted, plotted, and analyzed. The enhanced Voltaiq Core and add-on modules in release 3.5 — Voltaiq Analytics, Voltaiq Notebook and Voltaiq Analytics — allow user-specific customization in critical areas of data tracking, analysis, search, and automated reporting.

“We’re proud to offer a complete solution to manage the development, manufacturing and operation of battery systems,” said Voltaiq Co-Founder and CEO Tal Sholklapper. “Companies are under extreme pressure to improve battery performance and get devices to market quickly. Voltaiq’s battery intelligence platform enables deeper and faster learning from performance data to accelerate battery design decisions that optimize performance and minimize product risk.”