Tango, Position-Free, Multi-Device Wireless Charger, Surpasses Funding Goal on Kickstarter

PowerSquare’s Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for Tango has raised more than $16,000, surpassing their $10,000 funding goal. Tango is a position-free wireless charger that allows users to charge up to two devices with wireless Qi charging functionality. For smartphones that don’t come with Qi charging, PowerSquare is also offering a universal receiver for phones with a micro-USB port to make them functional with Tango. For iPhone users, PowerSquare has made Apple certified iPhone 6 sleeves available for $30.

While most charging pads require the user to position their phone a certain way to receive a charge, users can simply position their smartphone any which way on Tango to immediately start charging. Tango also allows for the simultaneous charging of two devices and will always work with Qi compliant phones, even when new enhancements are introduced.

“The driving idea behind Tango came from the lack of reliable and convenient wireless charging mobile accessories,” said project creator Pavan Pudipeddi. “With Tango, we want to enhance user experience and provide an easy-to-use, reputable wireless charging solution that will eliminate the frustration people face with other chargers.”

Tango is designed with a patent-pending magnetics and software algorithm called the Adaptive Position-Free System to provide a wide charging area for users to take advantage of. In addition to smartphones with built-in Qi functionality, Tango also works with back covers with wireless charging receiver-embedded circuits and all other phones with wireless power receiver adaptors. PowerSquare also offers adaptors, complete with
interchangeable plugs for North America, Japan, China, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe, South America and the United Kingdom.