Sunlight Battery Systems Announces New Industrial Batteries

March 26, 2019 | Storage Battery Systems and Systems Sunlight S.A. are announcing two new industrial batteries: the Xtreme Force featuring Copper Stretch Metal and SUNLIGHT LiON FORCE.

Today’s industrial batteries must be able to operate under extreme conditions and run longer. That’s due to the increasing demands of material handling and logistics as well as the diversity of applications of modern electric forklifts.

Copper Stretch Metal (CSM) motive power batteries offer longer runtime under extreme conditions. The higher energy content of CSM technology and reduced internal resistance contribute to increased operating time of material handling trucks. Just as importantly, the excellent energy efficiency ensures lower operating costs.

Material handling professionals require technology, design and operational advantages from their batteries. The SUNLIGHT LiON FORCE features one of the most innovative Lithium Ion solutions for Motive Power applications in the world based on unparalleled connectivity and serviceability. Moreover, with seventeen layers of safety, it is among the safest and most efficient Lithium-Ion battery solutions in the market place.

Maria Kapoula and Pelagia Alexandridou from the Lithium Product Development team of Systems Sunlight S.A. commented “This revolutionary innovation for motive power applications changes the way the forklift providers and the end users utilize the possibilities the lithium ion technology offers.”