Siemens Backs Efficient Digitalized Large-Scale Production of Batteries

February 22, 2018 | News Brief | Siemens facilitates the efficient large-scale production of batteries with a comprehensive solution portfolio of software-based systems as well as automation and drive technology spanning the entire value chain. The Siemens portfolio ranging from production planning and engineering software to automation and drive technology, including industrial communication networks and cloud-based solutions, helps to optimize every step of battery production and thus improve the competitiveness of battery manufacturers.

Siemens is presenting a “green field approach” for competitive battery production. This means digitally developing an ideally scalable factory for battery cell production that enables smart control and creates transparency of performance with regard to quality and costs. As a lever for these requirements, Siemens relies on the integration and digitization of the entire value chain. From designing the battery cell, to planning the production processes, to engineering, production and services.

With a holistic approach, Siemens continuously develops solutions for the battery market and in addition to its global setup it has the required expertise in the main markets of China, Korea, Japan, USA and Germany. Siemens implements solutions that offer added value to both battery producers and machine and plant builders to make them more competitive, such as with energy efficiency and transparency in production or a toolbox for developing high-performance plants.