ProLogium Technology and Weltmeister to Produce Lithium Ceramic Battery

October 31, 2017 | News Brief | With its’ own next generation Lithium Ceramic Battery (LCB), ProLogium Technology has just signed MOU with Weltmeister (WM). In early 2018, ProLogium and WM will co-produce an EV that adopts next generation lithium ceramic battery. Meanwhile, ProLogium and WM will build up a production line with 5 GWh capacity by join venture in 2018. This production line will finish and start to manufacture LCB by end of 2019.

ProLogium will be responsible for research and development, manufacturing of cell inlay which is the core of the battery cell. Based on the cell inlay, JV will make battery cell and battery module, and WM will integrate battery pack into new-energy vehicles.

The LCB solves performances and safety core issues of conventional EV polymer battery, as it has high capacity, high energy density, fast charging ability (5C charge with low temp. raise), and extremely wide operation window (storage at -65°C; discharge at 105°C). It adopts solid state lithium ceramic electrolyte instead of liquid type in general polymer battery, so there is no leakage, no explosion.