New GTS Battery Test System Automatically Replaces the Bad Ones on Site

Global Technology Systems, Inc. (GTS) has released its “Test & Replace” technology now enables its customers to quickly and accurately identify bad battery packs in the work area, and automatically receive a replacement, without disrupting normal work routines.

GTS is currently making its new GTS Tester, Smartphone APP, and link to its cloud-based server available at no cost to its enterprise customers.

In the announcement, GTS Chairman Larry Murray called the new GTS Test & Replace System an important breakthrough in battery power management. “After several thousand field tests in customer facilities, we found that we can reduce the number of batteries they need by more than 10 percent, cut their mobile device operating costs by more than 20 percent, and cut device downtime. It’s a much more efficient way to repower mobile devices in retail, logistics and transportation. The guessing is eliminated, and inventories are clean, balanced and reduced.”

Customers can control this process themselves, and automatically get replacement batteries at the locations where they are needed. In addition, the T&R System is linked to a process for recycling the bad batteries as they are identified.