New Battery Patent For Tesla With Two-Additive Electrolyte

February 4, 2019 | Tesla’s battery research group led by Jeff Dahn in Halifax has applied for a patent that describes a new battery cell chemistry that would result in faster charging and discharging, better longevity, and even lower cost, reports Electrek. In 2016, Dahn’s research group began an association with Tesla under the ‘NSERC/Tesla Canada Industrial Research’. Last week, the group’s new patent application was made public: ‘Novel battery systems based on two-additive electrolyte systems’. Using a two-additive electrolyte system enhances the performance and lifetime of the Li-ion battery, as well as reducing costs, the patent application claims. “When used as part of a great battery system (which includes the electrolyte, electrolyte solvent, positive electrode, and negative electrode), these two-operative, additive electrolyte systems produce desirable properties for energy storage applications, including in grid and vehicle applications.”

Dahn will be giving the plenary address at the upcoming International Battery Seminar & Exhibit.