Green Cubes Technology, Preferred Freezer Services Create Lithium Battery-Powered Materials Handling Fleet

By Battery Power Online Staff

April 10, 2019 | Green Cubes Technology has partnered with Preferred Freezer Services to launch the largest lithium battery-powered fleet in the cold storage industry with approximately 9 megawatt hours (MWh) of capacity deployed.

As one of the largest public refrigerated warehousing companies in the world, Preferred Freezer Services has 39 facilities in the US and a number of new facilities under construction. Maintaining its warehouses at a frigid -20˚ C, the company faced unique challenges that lead-acid batteries simply could not address. Specifically, lead-acid battery systems lose power and operating efficiency over their short cycle life, leading to increased operating cost with decreased performance of up to 50%.

“Preferred Freezer Services is experiencing immediate benefits by converting from lead-acid to lithium battery systems,” Adam Brown, Director of Sales at the Motive Division of Green Cubes Technology, said in a press release. “Lithium battery systems eliminate time-consuming and costly maintenance and maintain a longer cycle life in extreme temperatures, particularly cold environments. As the company works to convert all current and future materials handling equipment to lithium power, fleets will run better, longer and with less power consumption.”

Green Cubes Technology’s Lithium SAFEFlex battery systems save up to 65% on battery expenditures over five years and offer up to four-times the longevity of lead-acid battery systems. Other benefits of lithium battery systems include:

  • 30% higher charging efficiency, allowing for increased productivity and less power consumption
  • Zero maintenance hassle since they are electronically monitored and equalized, and don’t require watering or cleaning of corrosive acids
  • Longer cycle life that provides ongoing operations without battery swaps
  • Regenerative power that avoids energy waste
  • Faster charging with a complete one-hour recharge and no battery degradation

According to Preferred Freezer Services, the company chose Green Cubes Technology because of its 30-plus years of developing innovative lithium systems for multiple applications, including the motive industry. In addition, Preferred Freezer executives sought a partner that provided a more sustainable product that could make the transition to lithium battery systems seamless and cost-effective, with plans to make 100% of fleet operations lithium battery-powered.