GelTech Launches FireIce Lithium Battery Active Suppression Kit

September 19, 2017 | News Brief | GelTech Solutions, Inc. has launched its FireIce Lithium Battery Active Suppression Kit that automatically detects elevated temperatures releasing FireIce ST, a special blend of FireIce, to the affected battery module, to cool and suppress the batteries and prevent the system from reaching runaway which could cause an explosion. The kit is designed to deliver FireIce ST product only to the battery compartment where it is needed, leaving other compartments untouched.

After four years of research and development working with multiple lithium battery manufacturers, and companies designing and building units for mass transportation, charging and storage of lithium batteries, GelTech has created a modular system that can be expanded to any size battery installation. In addition, the system has the flexibility to be installed in any environment from the typical modular systems in electric vehicles and home power systems, to single batteries like those that have replaced many of the lead acid batteries, in aircraft and ground vehicles.

The FireIce Lithium Battery Active Suppression kit includes either a 2 liter or a 2.5 gallon pressurized canister filled with FireIce ST (custom canister sizes are available for larger installations). In addition, the kit includes the hardware, fittings, spray nozzles and flexible hose that allow protection of 5 or 10 modules, respectively. Expansion packs for protection of 5 additional modules are also available, making the kit adaptable to almost any size installation.

“The message we have received from various industries is clear; with the exponential increase in the use of lithium ion batteries in mass storage systems, central recharging stations and on military and commercial aircraft, comes the need to protect these applications from the potential catastrophic event of a lithium battery fire,” said Michael Reger, president of GelTech. “These systems will continue to degrade as the batteries go through more and more charging cycles, just as your cell phone holds less and less charge over time. Eventually an increasing number of batteries will fail and fires will be more prevalent. Our FireIce Lithium Battery Active Suppression Kit, is simple and affordable, and has been designed to address this need by providing a flexible modular system that can be tailored to most any installation, delivering FireIce ST and its unique suppression properties, capable of withstanding several thousands of degrees, where it is needed to both cool and encapsulate the batteries in a module, preventing a runaway event.”