Exide Technologies Receives Energy Efficiency Product Certification

EHF photo montageExide Technologies has announced that its GNB Industrial Power Division product line of 24 V, 36 V, 48 V, 72 V and 80 V three phase industrial battery chargers for electric lift trucks and other material handling equipment has received energy efficiency certification from the California Energy Commission (CEC).  Among the first industrial battery chargers to meet the CEC standards, the GNB Industrial Power EHF SERIES charger line is a multi-profile range for standard-flooded, low-maintenance-flooded and valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) motive power batteries.

The new CEC standards require large battery chargers, sold in California with a manufactured date on or after January 1, 2014, to be more efficient; use less energy during the charging cycle and in standby and off modes; and meet performance criteria including charge return factor, charger efficiency and power factor.  New CEC mandates for battery chargers expect to reduce energy consumed by battery chargers and are estimated to save California 2,200 gigawatt-hours each year – enough energy to power nearly 350,000 homes. By extension, because the state of Oregon has implemented the same efficiency standards for large battery chargers also beginning in January 2014, CEC certified industrial products can be sold in Oregon.

“GNB Industrial Power is proud to receive CEC certification for our battery chargers that comply with California’s new standards.  Our EHF SERIES charger models are designed with innovative, environmentally-advanced features that contribute to a reduced carbon footprint because of an energy-efficiency design,” said Bruce Cole President, Industrial Americas and Asia Pacific for Exide Technologies.  “EHF high-frequency chargers use less electricity, resulting in increased utility savings, a higher power factor (the percentage of electricity that is delivered and used effectively), and efficiency optimization.  The combination of these elements also results in our ability to provide our customers tremendous value with a high-performing, reliable product that ensures batteries can be used to their maximum potential in motive power applications.”