Croda Battery Additive Extends Life

By Battery Power Staff

December 12, 2019 | Croda International launched Hypermer Volt 4000 this week, an additive that extends battery life by distributing conductive carbon on battery electrodes more evenly.

Extension of battery life is a key objective for automotive and personal electronics manufacturers who want to maximize the lifetime of their products to meet the demands and expectations of the end-user.

According to the company, independent third party testing shows that batteries containing Hypermer Volt 4000 demonstrated up to 41% increase in battery capacity after charge and discharge events versus the current industry solution, polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP). The additive was shown to be effective in all common battery formulations, including NMC, LFP and LCO.

“We are committed to innovation in established and transforming energy markets with the highest performing and most sustainable products,” said Graeme Tweddle, managing director of Croda Energy Technologies in a press release. “I am delighted that we are developing new materials and capabilities to support battery and electrification challenges on a global basis. The Croda Energy Technologies business continues to invest in our core technology capabilities covering friction, wear, thermal management, and energy storage and we look forward to further collaboration with customers in all these areas.”

In the same statement, Renée van Schijndel, EMEA sales manager of Croda Energy Technologies said, “A key challenge in fast charging and the much-discussed V2X charging technology is battery degradation. Once EVs are more mainstream, there will be a greater demand from consumers to protect their energy storage assets alongside the convenience of fast charging. Protecting battery health is a key challenge to overcome in satisfying these end-user needs”