Advanced Battery Concepts LLC Enters into a Third License Agreement for its GreenSeal Advanced Lead Battery Technology with Trojan Battery Company

Advanced Battery Concepts, a leading developer of advanced lead batteries, has  agreed to license its GreenSeal technology to Trojan Battery Company, a manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries. Advanced Battery Concepts GreenSeal technology is an environmental friendly technology that significantly reduces the lead content of a traditional lead battery, while improving battery performance by increasing cycle life, reducing weight, increasing power density, reducing recharge time and improving reliability. In addition, GreenSeal technology continues to utilize the efficient recycling stream already in place in the lead battery industry, ensuring that lead batteries continue to be the most recycled product in the world (99 percent reusable materials), unlike other battery technologies.

Trojan is a pioneer in the development of battery technology and supplies global markets spanning applications for golf and utility vehicles, renewable energy, transportation, floor machines, aerial work platforms, oil/gas, marine, and recreational vehicles. Trojan’s operations include four US manufacturing plants in California and Georgia, three advanced research and development centers and worldwide distribution in more than 120 countries.

Trojan Battery Company becomes Advanced Battery Concepts’ third licensee.  Dr. Ed Shaffer, CEO and Founder of Advanced Battery Concepts said, “We are very excited and proud that Trojan has become an Advanced Battery Concepts GreenSeal licensee. Trojan’s brand is internationally recognized for its performance, reliability and innovation. We believe Trojan’s team has the ability to not only use GreenSeal technology in today’s existing markets, but also open new markets to demonstrate Advanced Battery Concepts’ technology readiness in applications such as grid storage, peak shaving and other alternative energy storage markets that to date lead batteries have not been able to penetrate.

“It is an extremely exciting time for Advanced Battery Concepts. We are currently in licensing discussion with an additional three other global lead battery producers which represent our initial targeted manufacturers, and we expect to have further announcements later in 2017.”

Michael Everett, senior vice president of engineering for Trojan Battery Company said, “After considerable due diligence, we concluded that Advanced Battery Concepts has developed an extensive suite of battery technologies that will enhance the performance and reliability of Trojan’s AGM products to meet future demands, and will help to ensure that lead batteries continue to dominate many rechargeable energy storage markets. The combination of lead reduction, cleaner and simpler manufacturing operations, as well as battery performance improvements offered by GreenSeal makes a conclusive argument for its widespread adoption.”