Arbin Releases the High Channel Count Battery Tester

arbinIn response to researcher and manufacturer needs to test high numbers of batteries in a robust, proven and cost effective way, Arbin has developed the High Channel Count Battery Tester.

This tester provides economical large-scale battery testing that significant batch samples require for formation and life cycle testing, material development and product qualification. It can be custom designed to provide from 64 channels up to 1,024 channels in a single chassis for high volume testing at a cost-effective price.
Integrated temperature controlled chambers can also be added per customer request. This option is particularly useful for testing batteries that need constant elevated temperatures. Each chamber can control temperature 10°C above room temperature to 40°C and hosts 128 batteries.

The High Channel Count Battery Tester comes with Arbin’s advanced software package that provides flexible scheduling and a user-friendly interface. It also features powerful imbedded processors that perform all control operations with 30 ppm measurement resolution and 100 ppm accuracy. The distributed network control technology enables a data sampling speed of 2 ms and may be as fast as 200 μs.

To further the ease of use, integrated battery holders and trays can be plugged in and removed from the chambers without wiring or cabling. Battery holders and trays can also be custom designed to fit customer’s needs.