Panasonic Launches Thin Battery Connector Corresponding to 6 Ampere High Current Capacity

B01_series_photo_ePanasonic Corp. has developed a battery connector to FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) board corresponding to high current capacity and boasting  a thin thickness. It is useful in the connection of the battery to the electric circuit in smartphones, tablets and other wearable devices using embedded batteries.

Smartphones and other mobile or wearable devices involve lots of functions; some of these functions need a high electrical current like camera flashes and brighter displays, and this trend is expected to continue. On the other hand, these devices become thinner and lighter year by year, so the batteries must be smaller and lighter. Therefore, the connector between batteries and the electronic circuit must be small and able to correspond to larger electric currents.

Panasonic has created a commercial product with this connector, which features a thin  profile of 0.6 mm and a high electric current capacity of 6 A. By realizing a high retention force for powerful connection reliability, despite being compact and thin, this product is perfect as a connection point transmitting high currents, such as the battery connections of mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, and other wearable devices.