Expansion of Würth Elektronik’s Wireless Power Coils

Würth Elektronik has expanded its Wireless Power Coil program with three
transmitter coils and one receiver coil. The new round transmitter coils 760 308 100 110 (A10) and 760 308 100 111 (A11) comply with the Qi standard of the Wireless Power
Consortium (WPC).

The ferrite pot core shape has major advantages, including tightly
bundling the magnetic field, increasing the possible coil distance and
reducing outward radiation. The round shape also significantly reduces
the mounting space required.

For small receiver coils, smaller transmitter coils are also necessary, as
the area ratio between transmitter and receiver coil significantly affects
the efficiency of energy transmission.

In order to offer a transmitter solution for the market of small receivers
(sensors, wearables, hearing aids, etc.), 760 308 101 103 was
developed. This compact transmitter coil transfers up to 5 W and it also
complies with the WPC Qi standard. With a diameter of 30mm, its area is
around a third the size of coil 760 308 100 111, for example.

Today there are two inductive wireless power standards: the Qi standard
of the WPC and the PMA standard of the Power Matters Alliance. Würth
Elektronik offers a dual standard receiver coil – 760 308 102 210 – for
this purpose. The advantage of this high quality coil with litz wire and
ferrite fortification in the center is devices which use this solution can be
charged on charging stations of both standards.

With this intelligent expansion of the product spectrum, Würth Elektronik
demonstrates its competence in the field of wireless power technology.