AVX Releases T4Z Medical Series Tantalum Capacitors for Non-Critical Medical Devices

March 22, 2018 | New Products | AVX Corp. has released the T4Z Medical series HRC4000 medical-grade tantalum capacitors. Designed to replace commercial capacitors in the filtering, hold-up, and charging circuits of non-critical medical devices that require high-reliability and strict change control. These include implantable, non-life-sustaining devices, external, life-sustaining devices, and external non-life-sustaining devices. The new T4Z Medical series solid tantalum capacitors are based on a MIL-PRF-55365 product line with more than 25 years of proven high-reliability performance in the medical industry. To ensure consistent, high-reliability performance, the series is manufactured at AVX’s high-reliability, ISO-13485-certified plant in Biddeford, Maine, using strict manufacturing control, statistical screening, and testing procedures compliant with FDA regulations for medical devices.

T4Z Medical series capacitors offer the lowest DC leakage values in the market: 0.01CV standard, with custom potential down to 0.005CV, or half that of typical industry limits, enabling longer lifetime performance and improved reliability compared to commercial tantalum capacitors. They are currently available in eight compact, lightweight case sizes ranging from 2.54 mm by 1.27 mm by 1.27 mm  ±0.38 mm and 0.016 g to 7.24 mm by 3.81 mm by 2.79 mm ±0.38 mm and 0.335 g with solder-plated, solder-fused, gold-plated, or 100 percent tin terminations. They offer capacitance values extending from 0.1 μF to 330 μF, eight standard voltage ratings spanning 4 to 50 V, and rated operating temperatures extending from -55°C to 125°C. Custom DCL and ESR values are available upon request.