Delta-Q Technologies Announces Production Start for QuiQ 1500 Industrial Battery Charger

Delta-Q Technologies QuiQ1500 Industrial Battery Charger has begun full-scale production. The QuiQ 1500 is a higher-power, 1500-watt addition to the QuiQ series of industrial battery chargers. The new charger is available in 48- and 72-volt models and has begun shipping to customers. Sample units are available for evaluation.

The QuiQ 1500 allows users to charge up to 30 percent faster than with the QuiQ 1000, as well as charge machines equipped with higher capacity battery packs. The QuiQ 1500 matches the exact dimensions and mounting configuration of the existing QuiQ, and is approved for on- or off-board vehicle applications.

Applications for the QuiQ 1500 Charger include specialty golf vehicles, utility vehicles, low-speed electric vehicles (including neighborhood electric vehicles) and boom lifts.

On a 110/120 V AC outlet, the QuiQ 1500 provides 1200 watts of continuous power. On a 208/230/240 V AC outlet, the charger outputs its full 1500 watts. The QuiQ 1500 meets the energy efficiency standards of the California Energy Commission.