Converter for Utilities and Managed Fleets Reduces Downtime from Jump Starts

PROG_PD9130-RProgressive Dynamics, Inc. has announced the use of its PD9130 converter as a battery charging system for utility vehicles and managed fleets to avoid dead batteries and cold weather starts.  The PDI converter allows batteries to remain charged after the converter is plugged in overnight or over the weekend and the PD9130 can be plugged into any 115 volt outlet.  While plugged in, a vehicle’s battery remains at optimal voltage as the converter simultaneously charges the battery and provides an additional 30 amps for any equipment left on.

The PD9130 converter is well suited for fleets, DOT’s, utility vehicles, power/energy and similar vehicles.  It also reduces downtime associated with dead batteries from the toll of keeping technical, electrical and other equipment charged and running, as well as avoiding jump starts due to cold weather.  Batteries that are discharged below 11 volts are lost and need to be replaced.  Progressive Dynamics’ chargers reduce the need to replace batteries by providing a two to three times longer service life.

Progressive Dynamics’ PD9130 converters have recently been installed by DTE Energy after a large number of jump starts were needed for CNG vehicles and diesel trucks during winter months after auxiliary equipment and lighting was left on and CNG fuel regulators froze up in the cold.  DTE was able to realize a cost savings with the PD9130, as well as increased productivity and no more interruptions from jump starts.