Trojan Battery Adds Flooded Batteries to Solar Deep-Cycle Line

September 28, 2017 | Product Brief | Trojan Battery Co., LLC has expanded its solar deep-cycle battery offerings with the addition of its Solar Flooded battery models. Trojan’s new flooded solar batteries are tested up to a 17-year design life under IEC 61427 standard for solar batteries, and designed by Trojan’s engineering team specifically for solar and other renewable energy applications.  Trojan’s new Solar line is manufactured in the US.
“Trojan has added deep-cycle flooded batteries to its new Solar line to better expand on market opportunities worldwide in the growing solar energy storage industry segment,” said Ganesh Balasubramanian, director of new market development for Trojan Battery. “Trojan’s new Solar branded line enables our partners to capture additional market share and increase installations in various types of renewable energy applications.”
In addition, the Trojan Solar flooded line includes the Industrial and Premium products, which feature Trojan’s proprietary Smart Carbon formula. Smart Carbon addresses the effects of partial state of charge in applications where batteries are heavily cycled and often never fully recharged on a regular basis, a common occurrence in solar power systems. With its non-spillable design, the Trojan Solar AGM batteries enable installers to customize the use and position of the batteries in customer applications, ans a re-certified for non-hazardous shipping per US DOT/IATA regulations.
Trojan’s Solar battery line incorporates a wide range of advanced technical features including a robust proprietary paste, advanced plate design, and premium separators for overall extended lifecycle, and optimized for total cost ownership. In addition, Trojan’s new deep-cycle Solar AGM batteries are temperature tolerant, shock and vibration resistant, and have a low internal resistance for higher discharge current and higher charging efficiency.