February 2015

  • Take Charge: Follow New Lithium Battery Regulations to Help Ensure Smooth Supply Chain
  • Alber Delivers the Battery Monitoring Solutions You Need
  • Expanding Technology for Advanced Battery Applications & Fuel Cells
  • Keystone “Auto-In” 20mm Coin Cell Holder
  • NEC Energy Introduces Breakthrough 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Batteries for Tough, Critical Applications
  • Diodes, Inc. Targets Chargers for Cell Phones and Portable Devices with Highly Efficient Synchronous Rectification Controller
  • SolidEnergy Introduces a New Battery Material and Business Model to Disrupt the Mobile Energy Storage Industry
  • Stand-Alone Lead Acid Battery Balancing IC Works with up to Four 12 Volt Batteries in Series
  • C&D Technologies Providing Battery Training
  • EaglePicher Licenses OneD Material’s SiNANOde
  • NorthStar Battery and Eternity Technologies Announce OPzV Battery Collaboration

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