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Battery Power commentaries should be original and exclusive, with a strong, first person voice. They should not be self-promotional, and should address a question or topic of interest to our readers. Good commentaries make an argument, rather than just being a summary of the landscape in some area of the battery, power management, energy storage arena.

Commentaries are not a place to promote a specific company’s products and solutions. We welcome the expertise of companies that are addressing particular problems or advancements in the industry, and invite them to write commentaries regarding those topics, but these are not advertorials.We don’t publish submissions that are not a good fit for our audience, but we do sometimes work with contributors if there are issues that can be easily addressed. If you are unsure of the right fit, we are happy to discuss pitches first to agree on an angle.

Final commentaries should be between 1,500 and 2,000 words, and include speaker bio and headshot.

If you’d like to discuss or submit a commentary, send them to Allison Proffitt, Editor,