KEMET Expands Product Portfolio with Large Cell Supercapacitors and Modules

57226-kemet-s01-series-supercapacitor-module-lgKEMET Corp. has announced the release of large cell Supercapacitors and Supercapacitor Modules. This new series of capacitor technologies is designed to meet the growing power management needs of the transportation, industrial, medical and consumer markets. Typical applications include power bridging, energy harvesting as well as an alternative for battery back-up.

An electric double layer capacitor (EDLC), also known as a Supercapacitor, is an electrochemical device that stores energy via purely electrostatic forces, as opposed to batteries where chemical reduction and oxidation reactions take place. Since the interaction is purely physical, this process can occur much more rapidly than in batteries due to higher power and enables Supercapacitors to have a significantly longer lifetime without degradation.