White Papers

How the Choice of Battery Power affects a Design’s Total Cost of Ownership

Infinite Power Solutions

Designers of new products that use energy storage devices, such as batteries or supercapacitors, should find this paper useful. Infinite Power Solutions, Inc. (IPS) offers a line of THINERGY® Micro-Energy Cells, a type of rechargeable solid-state battery (SSB), as an innovative new technology that provides a capable and cost-effective alternative to lithium, alkaline, thin-film and other traditional batteries, as well as supercapacitors. This white paper provides an overview of this unique power source’s characteristics, and how its high performance and long service life combine to result in a significantly lower total cost of ownership in many applications compared to traditional energy storage solutions.

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Battery Cycling


Lithium Ion is becoming the technology choice for HEV, PHEV, as well as many stationary applications. With such large battery packs it is important to understand how the individual cells and packs will behave in a variety of scenarios. Continue reading

Battery Design Guide for Portable Electronics

Ultralife Corp.

Today’s world is becoming more and more portable. The wireless and cordless revolution in the electronics industry has increased the demands and requirements for portable power at an incredible rate. One does not walk into a room often without seeing a portable appliance of some type, whether it is a cellular phone, cordless power tool, PDA or notebook computer.To this end, the needs of battery design within complex systems are more important than ever. Continue reading

Organic-Free, All-Solid-State Thin-Film Batteries for Cell Phones, Tablets, and Future Devices

Infinite Power Solutions

Ultra-thin cell phone and tablet size batteries can now be manufactured economically (<$1/Wh) by Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD)-based thin-film battery technology. Continue reading

Battery Safety: Thermal Runaway


Lithium ion battery technology offers many advantages in portable power application but one major concern is safety – thermal runaway of the device in both normal and abusive
situations. In the following article, it will be shown that by means of adiabatic calorimetry, it is not only possible to test single components but also complete lithium ion batteries. Continue reading

AllCell White Paper Finds Lithium Ion Battery Costs Beat Lead Acid in Hot Environments

AllCell Technologies has released a white paper comparing the economics of lithium-ion and lead acid batteries for stationary energy storage systems (ESS). Even though the initial purchase price of lead acid batteries is one-fifth the price of lithium-ion, when analyzed on a full life-cycle basis lithium-ion batteries are now cost-competitive in moderate climates and lower cost in hot climates. Continue reading