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Building a Custom Battery Charger Tool Kit

Keith Curtis, Technical Staff Engineer, Microchip Technology, Inc.

In recent years we have all heard about the multitude of new battery chemistries being introduced. Unfortunately, a primary gating item to acceptance of these new chemistries is the availability of chargers. When we couple this with the equally diverse selection of fast charger algorithms being introduced, we end up with a wealth of new technology and no easy way to use it. Microchip has stepped up to this challenge and is developing a Battery Charger tool kit that allows designers to create a custom charger/balancer function using off-the-shelf microcontrollers. This will put both new chemistries and new algorithms within reach of developers. This presentation will discuss the tools in the kit as well as how they can be used to create a wide variety of chargers and balancers.


KeithCKeith Curtis began his career during college as a technician/programmer for Summit Dana, and he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Montana State University in 1986. After graduation, Keith was employed by Tele-Tech as an engineer developing microcontroller controls for RF applications. In 1992, Keith joined Bally Gaming in Las Vegas. After working for several Nevada companies, Keith moved to Arizona in 2000 to work as an Application Engineer for Microchip Technology Inc. Later, after being promoted to Technical Staff engineer, Keith continued to design systems and training for a variety of 8-bit MCU embedded applications.

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