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International Battery Seminar 2017 Highlights

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Guessing Games: Predicting Metal Markets for Electric Vehicle Batteries
By Allison Proffitt
Cobalt and lithium prices have been surging. Some analysts predict both metals are heading for oversupply. Others believe the challenges facing OEMs are managing resources, securing supply, and making decisions about where and when to invest in new plants and new mining.

Modern Lithium Battery Transport: Reducing Risks and Improving Safety with Next-Generation Packaging
Battery Power Insights By Pia Jala, Labelmaster
Lithium batteries pose such a fire risk that strident restrictions have been imposed on shipping of this "dangerous good." So what can those who manufacture and distribute lithium batteries (and the technologies that rely on them) do to make transportation safer?

Li-Ion Batteries in the Driving Seat of Electric Vehicles
Battery Power Insights by Atul Yadav, MarketsandMarkets Research Private Limited
The growth of the battery market is primarily driven by increasing demand for EVs, smart devices, automotive, and other electronics products. The demand for Li-ion batteries is growing faster than lead-acid in the global market. The growth of this market is propelled by the increasing demand for EVs, promotion of green technology, strict government mandates on fuel economy, growing demand for smart devices and other consumer electronics.


New Online Simulation Tool for Tantalum, Polymer, Niobium Oxide, & Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
AVX Corporation has released the new SpiCAT online simulation tool, providing electrical and performance characteristics by frequency and temperature for an extensive range of multilayer ceramic or tantalum, polymer, and niobium oxide surface-mount capacitors.

Kokam Launches Li-Ion Battery For UPS
Last week, Kokam Co. announced the launch of its K-UPS series of high power Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) battery racks. Featuring Kokam's Ultra High Power Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (UHP NMC) battery technology, the new battery racks enable UPS system providers to meet growing data center demand for lithium-ion UPS systems that can deliver high power for a short period of time at a lower cost than UPS systems using lead-acid batteries.

G3 Inspires a Safer Future with Fire Resistant Battery Materials
Global Graphene Group (G3), an advanced materials company specializing in graphene production and energy storage technology, has announced G3-Fireshield Technology, a suite of next generation battery components to dramatically reduce the risk of fire occurrences in EVs, portable electronics, and a range of other devices.

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Swiss Firm Ecovolta Sets Up Li-Ion Battery Plant with 200 MWh Capacity
Ecovolta is setting up a fully automated Li-ion battery manufacturing facility in Schwyz, Switzerland, with an annual production capacity of 200 MWh. When manufacturing starts in September 2018, this will be one of the largest operations of its kind in Europe.

Polymer Professor Develops Safer Component for Lithium Batteries
Yu Zhu, a professor of polymer science at the University of Akron, and his research team have developed a solid polymer electrolyte that can be used in lithium ion batteries to replace the current liquid electrolyte to improve the safety and performance of lithium batteries.

NGK Receives NAS Battery Order for Demonstration Project in Dubai
NGK Insulators received an order for a NAS battery for use in an energy storage technology demonstration project to be conducted in Dubai. The 1.2 MW/7.2 MWh NAS battery was ordered last August, installed in March, and will enter full service soon this summer. It was the first installation of a large-scale energy storage system in Dubai.

Lucideon Wins Innovate UK Feasibility Study Project
Lucideon, the materials development and commercialization organization, is the lead participant in Innovate UK's "Field Enhanced Sintering of Beta Alumina for Electric Vehicle Battery Applications" project. Together with Ionotec, a provider in solid electrolyte manufacture and sodium battery development, Lucideon will undertake feasibility studies to assess whether its Flash Sintering technology can manufacture beta-alumina solid electrolytes, a critical component of sodium batteries.

NEC Energy Solutions Commissions Europe's Largest Energy Storage System for EnspireME
NEC Energy Solutions (NEC) has completed and commissioned the largest energy storage system in Europe: a 48 MW energy storage system located in Jardelund, Germany, with more than 50 MWh of storage capacity.




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