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Croda Battery Additive Extends Life
Croda International launched Hypermer Volt 4000 this week, an additive that extends battery life by distributing conductive carbon on battery electrodes more evenly. According to the company, independent third party testing shows that batteries containing Hypermer Volt 4000 demonstrated up to 41% increase in battery capacity after charge and discharge events.

Emergence Of EVs And Their Effect On Solid State Battery Advancement
Electric vehicles are touted as the future of transportation by most prominent automakers, and solid-state batteries are highly sought-after as the future of battery technology. Solid state battery developments are well underway, with many companies rallying towards advancing this revolutionary battery technology.


ASCO 16.5 kV Containerized Load Bank Solves Testing Challenges for Large Facilities
For medium voltage load testing, multiple load banks and external transformers are often needed to apply sufficient load for generator testing. To simplify testing in large medium voltage applications, ASCO Power Technologies introduces its 8850 Containerized Load Bank. Offering 4500 kVA in a single 30-foot transportable container, the unit is designed to be moved from site-to-site and reduce transformer cabling logistics. The 8850 Containerized Load Bank is well-suited for testing power sources at large hospitals and large data centers. It offers flexibility for equipment rental vendors that provide a broad range of test capabilities.

Cementex Announces Double-Insulated 9-inch Universal Pliers
Cementex, the safety tool specialists, announces the availability of Cementex double-insulated 9-inch Universal Pliers, designed for safe use in Arc Flash environments. The 9-inch pliers are an integral part of any technician's tool kit. Cementex 9-inch Universal Pliers feature innovative Cementex double insulation technology. The double insulated tools feature a yellow warning layer underneath the outer orange layer; if the outside insulation is damaged, posing a safety risk, the yellow layer begins to show, and technicians can know that they must replace the tools.

Fujitsu releases high-capacity power relay with long contact life

Fujitsu Components America has announced a 150A power relay with a mechanical life of 300,000 operations (min.)—one of the highest in its class—an electric life of 30,000 operations (min.) for make 150A, 450VDC/ break 5A, 450VDC. The FTR-E3 series is a 1 Form X relay that can safely cut off high DC voltages. It is suitable for use in a range of automotive, alternative energy and industrial applications that require power generation, energy storage, inverter control and DC load controls.

Switch Mission-Critical Medium Voltage Loads to Backup Power Sources
ASCO Power Technologies, the world's leading provider of critical power solutions, highlights its 7000 SERIES Medium Voltage Automatic Transfer Switches for medium voltage back-up power applications. Designed to reduce outage risks in mission-critical facilities, these switches transfer loads between medium voltage power sources for the demanding needs of large hospitals, data centers, telecom exchanges, and industrial facilities.




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