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June 2012


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Second Edition of IEC 62133: The Standard for Secondary Cells and Batteries Containing
Alkaline or Other Non-Acid Electrolytes is in its Final Review Cycle

Cindy Millsaps, President and CEO • Energy Assurance

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Sub-committee 21A, which is responsible for secondary cell and battery standards, has recently completed work on the Second Edition of IEC 62133, the standard for Secondary cells and batteries containing alkaline or other non-acid electrolytes. This standard covers rechargeable Nickel cells and batteries, as well as lithium ion (Li-Ion) cells and batteries. ...read more















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CadexCadex Electronics, Inc. is an established global leader in battery management products. With 30 years of experience developing and commercializing technologies for testing and servicing batteries, Cadex has delivered solutions to many of the world’s largest companies in radio and cellular communications, medical devices, portable computing, and aviation.


New innovations include the versatile C8000 Advanced Battery Testing System that allows you to optimize batteries at every stage of product life, and the C5100 Battery Testing System that delivers tremendous value to cellular retailers.


Cadex is ISO 9001and ISO13485 (Medical) certified and our products are sold in over 100 countries.

Cadex Electronics Inc.
22000 Fraserwood Way • Richmond, BC V6W1J6 Canada
Contact: Sales • 604-231-7777 • info@cadex.com

  New Products

Zinc-Air Battery System Surpasses Industry Benchmark for Off-Grid Energy Source
QuantumQuantumSphere, Inc. (QSI), a provider of portable power systems, has released its MetAir Ranger series for on-demand back-up power in off-grid and emergency applications.  While already offering the highest energy density of any commercially available primary battery at the lowest cost per kilowatt hour, QSI’s MetAir Ranger portable power system has received independent validation that it surpasses the industry’s 72-hour emergency preparedness benchmark. The system achieved 108 hours, four and a half days, of instantly accessible emergency power.  


The MetAir Ranger, a 3.2 kilowatt hour battery system weighing less than 25 pounds, yields energy densities of 352 Wh / Kg and costs per kilowatt hour of less than $200. The MetAir portable power systems utilize QSI’s proprietary cathode technology that results in industry leading performance. While one MetAir Ranger system is about the size of a single deep cycle lead acid battery, it is roughly half the weight and has 11 times the equivalent energy per kilogram. It is also designed to easily accept replaceable power cartridges once the initial system is “air” activated and used. The MetAir Ranger series is essentially a “plug and play” box of portable energy and requires no external energy sources to stay charged.  The MetAir Ranger has an optional 150 watt 110 volt AC inverter with two outlets and a USB charging port.  The MetAir Ranger contains no hazardous materials or combustible fuels and, unlike large format lithium batteries, is approved for transport by the Department of Transportation as non-hazardous material.


In comparison to the commonly available battery types used today, such as lithium-ion, nickel metal hydride and lead acid, QSI's technology is based on a safe and proven zinc-air battery chemistry that is cost effective to manufacture and easy to use.  Zinc-air batteries are electro-chemical batteries powered by oxidizing zinc metal powder (a non-combustible, non-toxic and abundant domestic material) with oxygen from the air to generate an electrical current. In addition, Zinc-air batteries have very high energy densities and an unprecedented shelf life of up to 10 years before initial use. Sizes range from very small button cells for hearing aids, mid-size for remote portable power applications, to very large systems used for electric vehicle propulsion.

New RRC Standard Smart Batteries with Optimized Energy Density
RRCRRC has announced three new standard Li-Ion SMBus battery packs RRC2040, RRC2024 and RRC2040. These new battery packs will have highest energy density of smart compatible batteries in the market.


The energy content for two of the battery packs: the RRC2020 and RRC2024, are now optimally rated close to the 100 watt limit that exists in terms of the Dangerous Goods Ordinance. The batteries are SMBus v1.1 compliant and meet the JEITA standards. The temperature-dependent load profiles of the batteries increase safety and also lead to a maximized cycle life of the batteries. Used in combination with RRC's battery chargers, they can be optimized and accelerate charging. By using the Impedance Track technology, you will no longer need to manually calibrate the battery. The use of Cell Balancing leads to maximum available capacity and to longer life. The battery packs have comprehensive charge/discharge safety systems as well as passive safety electronics, and worldwide agency certification approvals, and international recycling support.

Midtronics Develops New GRX-5100 Hybrid/EV Battery Service Tool
Midtronics, Inc. has completed the initial field testing for the GRX-5100 Hybrid/EV Battery Station, a high-voltage Hybrid/EV vehicle battery service and de-power tool for various hybrid and electric vehicles. The GRX-5100 safely de-powers high-voltage batteries and also enables service for the battery system at the module level, reducing manufacturer warranty costs and repair time and expense for customers.


Currently completing field testing at General Motors, the GRX-5100 was developed to perform full battery pack service including balancing, charging in no-start situations and full de-powering. The de-power capability enables packs in vehicles that have been involved in severe collisions to be de-powered to a safe level for storage, recycling or shipment. Beyond service providers, the GRX-5100 is also targeted for reclamation yards where it can be used to perform critical safety checks and de-powering with the battery pack either in or out of the vehicle.


The GRX-5100 features a versatile electrical harness between vehicle batteries and communication systems via unique adapters for each vehicle model. Simple menu prompts guide verification that the battery and communication systems are properly connected and balancing or de-powering operations can safely begin. The station also utilizes USB-based memory, which will support system updates for future vehicle battery systems without a hardware upgrade.

Polarized CR2 and CR123A Lithium Battery Holders
KeystoneA broad, new selection of polarized SMT and THM CR2 and CR123A lithium battery holders has joined the Keystone Electronics roster of battery holders. With polarized contacts, a principal design feature, the holders accommodate all CR2 or CR123A batteries from major manufacturers.  


Equipped with heat resistant Nylon housings, the entries are suited for traditional soldering and reflow processing.  Surface Mount types feature Gold-plated Phosphor Bronze contacts assuring low contact resistance and superior solder joints where lead-free soldering or reflow processes are employed.  Thru-Hole Mount versions are equipped with Tin-plated Phosphor Bronze contacts. 

Advancements Made to Millennium Plus+
FlowRiteFlow-Rite has announced advancements to the Millennium Plus+ single point battery watering system.  The latest features include a debris resistant shroud, lower shut off level, improved versatility and a new ergonomic installation tool.


Large pass through holes on the sides and bottom of the new shroud allow debris to freely flow through the shroud. This minimizes the chance of large debris being caught between the shroud and displacer, while still protecting the internal components from impact.  Improved shroud and displacer designs achieve a 0.20 inch lower shut off level while maintaining the same overall valve length. This provides more room for electrolyte expansion inside the cell.


The non-mechanical optical level indicator allows the operator to verify that each cell has been properly filled after watering. Millennium Plus+ features the only built-in indicator on the market that is independent from the valve function, giving a true reading even if the valve is damaged.  The indicator simply signals the presence of liquid, with black for “full” and white for “water needed”.


Flip tops are now color coded to match valves for quick valve length identification.  These user-friendly access ports eliminate drilling cell covers and removing the watering system to check specific gravity levels.

A 24 Volt Power Converter/Battery Charger
ProgressiveProgressive Dynamics, Inc. has introduced the 24 volt power converter/battery charger in 25 amp and 40 amp configurations with built-in, patented four-stage charging system.  This power converter is suited for specialty vehicles and stationary applications including battery charging for buses, shuttle buses, local refrigeration delivery trucks, display vans, emergency vehicles, communication trucks, over-the-road trucks with sleeper cabs and solar energy. 


Features include the built-in Charge Wizard, a patented four-stage charging system which constantly monitors the battery and automatically adjusts the converter output voltage based on the charge status.  The 24 volt power converter/battery charger is made in America and offers reverse battery protection, electronic current limiting and a two year limited warranty. 


  Industry News

East Penn and Ecoult Launch PJM Regulation Services Project with DOE Support to Demonstrate Deka UltraBattery
East Penn Manufacturing Co., Inc. and its subsidiary Ecoult announce the launch of the newest project in the US Department of Energy's Smart Grid Storage Demonstration Program.

The PJM (Pennsylvania-Jersey-Maryland Interconnection) Regulation Services project in Lyon Station, Penn., is powered by Deka UltraBattery technology. It will provide 3 MW of continuous frequency regulation services to the grid of PJM Interconnection, the largest Regional Transmission Organization/Independent System Operator in the US. The new system will also be used for peak demand management services to the local utility, Met-Ed.

Regulation services are necessary so that the grid can maintain a constant frequency, providing fine tuning in real time to match supply and demand. With renewable portfolio standards coming into effect, the large scale integration of intermittent wind and solar generation introduces more variability in power generation, resulting in an increasing need for regulation services.

The Deka UltraBattery is suited to meet the sudden frequency regulation and ramp rate control requirements of the modern electricity grid. Unlike gas turbines or coal generation plants, which may have a ramp response of between five and ten minutes, the UltraBattery technology is able to release or absorb power within seconds with highest accuracy of performance without creating CO2 emissions.

The energy storage system is the second one to be launched out of 16 energy storage projects selected by the US Department of Energy under its Smart Grid Storage Demonstration Program. The US Department of Energy supported the project with $2.2 million of funding under its American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.


"We are extremely pleased with the successful completion of this significant project," said Dr. Imre Gyuk, DOE's energy storage program manager. "We are confident that continued performance monitoring will demonstrate the value of storage systems for the grid."

Ecoult engineered and implemented the energy storage system, and developed the platform for the UltraBattery Energy Resource (UBer) that controls both the batteries and the power conversion system.

Johnson Controls Plans to Build Automotive Battery Manufacturing Facility in Tianjin, China
Johnson Controls, Inc. participated in a signing ceremony in Tianjin, China to announce a planned $200 million automotive battery plant, pending final approval. The state-of-the-art facility will supply automakers and the aftermarket in China with high quality maintenance-free lead-acid starter batteries and advanced batteries for Start-Stop vehicles.


"This plant demonstrates our long-term commitment to the rapidly growing automotive industry in China," said Alex Molinaroli, president, Johnson Controls Power Solutions. "We are forecasting 25 million in annual new car sales in China by 2015. This plant is a further indication of the strategic importance of this market for Johnson Controls."

Johnson Controls plans to grow to 30 million in annual battery capacity in China by 2017. The company recently launched production at its Changxing facility and its Chongqing plant is scheduled to launch later this year. The company also has an automotive battery plant in Shanghai that was part of an acquisition in 2005.

Construction for the Tianjin plant will begin between 2012 and the first half of 2013 with production expected to start in late 2014. The Tianjin Plant will produce more than 6 million batteries annually at full capacity.

Qualcomm Acquires Summit Microelectronics
Qualcomm, Inc. has acquired Summit Microelectronics, a developer and provider of programmable power integrated circuits based in Sunnyvale, Calif.  Qualcomm's power management roadmap will be significantly enhanced with the addition of Summit's expertise and products.  As a result of the acquisition, Qualcomm will be able to offer a robust portfolio that will address a broader set of customers and complex design challenges. All employees of Summit Microelectronics have joined Qualcomm's CDMA Technologies division.


The demand for more sophisticated battery management is critical in a world of increasingly smart devices with advanced computing capabilities, large high-resolution screens and advanced modem technologies. Summit Microelectronics provides flexible, highly integrated power management solutions combining precision power regulation with sophisticated digital control in a single chip.  In particular, the company's fast charging solutions are found in a variety of leading mobile phones, tablets, and e-readers.

"Summit Microelectronics brings key expertise, technology, products, and design wins in battery charging and DC-DC converters," said Steve Mollenkopf, president and COO of Qualcomm. "This acquisition enhances the competitiveness of Qualcomm's chipset solutions and enables us to provide our customers with industry leading power management and charging performance."



Event Listings


Battery Power BrochureBattery Power 2012 Final Program Released
Early Registration Discounts Available Through July 26!

Join hundreds of industry professionals attending Battery Power 2012 and discover the latest market and manufacturing trends impacting battery and power management systems.


For the past 10 years, Battery Power has provided attendees with exceptional technical presentations from industry-leading companies on battery technology, charging and testing systems, standards and regulations, as well as battery manufacturing, materials and research & development. This year’s event will feature more than 35 sessions, designed specifically for battery manufacturers, distributors, OEMs, design engineers and power integrators.


The pre-conference workshops provide in-depth, hands on training on various topics from designing to shipping Li-Ion batteries. There is also a free tour available for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.


• Discover How New Technology is Impacting Power Management
• See the Latest Products Technologies Unveiled
• Learn to Optimize Your System Performance and Dependability
• Assure Compliance with Latest Safety Requirements and Standards
• Discuss Your Specific System Needs with Technology Experts
• Improve System Longevity and Power Delivery
• Maximize Return on Battery Technology System Investments
• Find the Latest Market, Pricing and Manufacturing
Trends Worldwide


If you are involved in the battery industry or if your products and systems run on batteries, this is a must attend event.


Click here to register.


IECEC10th International Energy Conversion Engineering Conference
July 29-August 1
Atlanta, Ga.


The 10th International Energy Conversion Engineering Conference (IECEC), co-located with the AIAA Joint Propulsion Conference, provides a forum to present and discuss engineering aspects of energy conversion technology, advanced energy and power systems, devices for terrestrial energy systems and aerospace applications, and the policies, programs, and environmental impacts associated with the development and utilization of these technologies.

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