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Chemical and Engineering Solutions to Faster Charging Lithium-ion Batteries
Ramping up the current density and bringing down the charging time was a leading theme at this year's International Battery Seminar and Exhibit.

Opportunities and Challenges for Electrochemical Energy Storage on the Electricity Grid
Lithium-ion batteries have proven to be the leading energy storage technology for portable devices and electric vehicles. Grid-scale storage, on the other hand, is an evolving sector with no clear technology winner moving forward. A variety of presentations at the 2021 International Battery Seminar and Exhibit highlighted opportunities and challenges.

Future Directions in Battery Technology from the 2021 International Battery Seminar
Jeff Dahn and David Howell keynote the 2021 International Battery Seminar, outlining futures for the battery ecosystem as well as the latest in battery cycling.


Keystone Low Profile, 20mm Coin Cell Retainers

Designed for high-density PCB packaging use and engineered with high-efficiency spring tension to insure low contact resistance, these retainers firmly-secure batteries. Rugged, lightweight and bearing clearly-marked polarity, their ultra-low profile feature makes them ideal for space-saving PCB applications.

Manufactured with Nickel-plated Phosphor Bronze, these SMT/THM 20mm Coin Cell Retainers accept 2020, 2025 and 2032 coin cells from all major manufacturers. The SMT coin cell retainers are equipped with solder tails located outside of the retainer bodies to ease solder joint visual inspections. The retainers are compatible with lead free and traditional reflow processing and operate smoothly with vacuum and mechanical pick-and-place assembly systems. Available through the company's global distribution network and online at

Keystone's broad range of battery hardware includes Clips, Contacts, Holders, Retainers and Straps for Cylindrical, Coin Cell and 9V Batteries, as well as a comprehensive line of interconnect hardware and components.


Soteria's Fourth Issued Patent Ensures Industry Access to Critical Safety Technology
The US Patent and Trademark Office has issued to Soteria Battery Innovation Group (BIG) a fourth patent for critical lithium-ion battery (LIB) safety technology that eliminates the root cause of thermal runaway. Today's LIBs are safe, but also potentially unsafe if damaged, abused or if they contain a manufacturing defect. These four issued US patents cover technology that changes potentially unsafe LIBs into inherently safe ones. Soteria's FRAND licensing business model ensures the entire industry will have access to these battery materials which can provide inherent safety in cell phones, drones, electric cars and energy storage systems.

Tech R&D Firm Commit Brings Services to North America Under Leadership of CRO and Managing Director, Max Nirenberg
Commit, the leading Israeli-based global tech and custom software solutions company, announced its expansion into North America with the launch of Commit USA. The new business unit is led by Max Nirenberg, serving as Chief Revenue Officer and Managing Director, and is headquartered in New York City. Nirenberg will lead and optimize Commit's growing international organization, oversee strategic planning for the global account management teams and ensure the company's innovative and unparalleled delivery capabilities meet the US market needs.

Electriq Power to Provide Industry-Leading PowerPod 2 Systems to Residents of Parlier, California, Under Innovative Home Solar and Energy Efficiency Program
Electriq Power ("Electriq"), a developer of intelligent and integrated home energy storage, management, and monitoring solutions, announced that Parlier Home Solar selected the company to provide full programmatic development and financing for the City of Parlier, California's new Home Solar and Energy Efficiency Program. Electriq's industry-leading energy storage solution, the PowerPod 2, will be the exclusive intelligent home battery used by the program.

Sakor Technologies Hybrid and Electrical Vehicle Powertrain Testing
Over the past decade, most transportation markets, from automotive, to military, aircraft, and even space systems have seen a tremendous surge of interest in hybrid and electric vehicle technology. To gain the promised efficiency benefits and green profile of these vehicles, it is important to conduct driveline and component testing during design and manufacturing that is specially adapted to the particular nature of hybrid and electric vehicles. Hybrid and electric drivetrains have several features that make testing them very different from the standard testing conducted on internal combustion (IC) only systems.

Falcon Electric Announces SL LiFePO4 UPS Battery Backup Solution
Falcon Electric, Inc., a leading manufacturer of award-winning, online Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs), introduces its lightweight SL LiFePO4 UPS family with lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries that feature three to four times longer runtimes over lead-acid-based UPSs. Falcon's 1 to 3kVA SL UPS features lithium iron phosphate batteries that provide maximum reliability and service life. Unlike other lithium-ion battery types, Falcon's LiFePO4 batteries are safe as the lithium iron phosphate cathode material is a very stable chemistry that is not subject to thermal runaway, making them virtually incombustible even in high-temperature environments.




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