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US Automotive Batteries Stride Forward
At The Battery Show and Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo in Novi, Michigan, on the edge of Detroit, several thousand battery and EV engineers and enthusiasts came together with 550 exhibitors to discuss the latest developments in battery technology, shifting consumer demands, market trends, supply chain expansion, and recycling.


ESS Inc. and ACON S2 Acquisition Corp. Announce Closing of Business Combination
ESS a U.S. manufacturer of long-duration batteries for commercial and utility-scale energy storage applications, and ACON S2 Acquisition Corp., a publicly traded special purpose acquisition company, have announced the completion of their previously announced business combination, resulting in ESS becoming a publicly listed company. The combined company retains the ESS Inc. name and its shares and warrants will commence trading today on the New York Stock Exchange ("NYSE") under the new ticker symbols "GWH" and "GWH.W", respectively.

electroVolt Introduces Configurable PRISLogic Lithium-Ion Battery Modules
electroVolt, a developer of application-specific lithium-ion batteries and modules, announces its new PRISLogic Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries. Engineered for safety and reliability, the PRISLogic prismatic cells provide the highest level of performance without the cost, complexity, and lead time of a custom-built solution. Designed to support a variety of specialized applications, including telecommunications, data center backup, material handling, and unmanned systems, the 12.8v PRISLogic modules are scalable to 800v.

LS Energy Solutions Introduces Its Next-Generation All-in-One Energy Storage System, the AiON-ESS
LS Energy Solutions, a leading provider of grid-connected energy storage solutions, announces its new flagship energy storage product, the all-in-one AiON Energy Storage System (ESS). The AiON-ESS is a flexible, modular AC energy storage solution available in two models for 1-hour and 2- to 4-hour applications. The innovative AiON-ESS provides utilities and commercial and industrial users with a simple, easy-to-use storage solution for their energy needs with minimal installation required. By offering a comprehensive storage system solution, LS-ES reduces installation labor and onsite civil and electrical work while simplifying the integration process.

Reflowable Thermal Switch for protection against thermal runaway
SCHURTER's RTS series is a compact thermal protection device. Power semiconductors such as MOSFETs, ICs, IGBTs, TRIACs, SCRs, etc. can overheat and lead to thermal runaway, due to their inherent self-reinforcing heat-producing behavior. The RTS is designed to protect against such overheating, reliably and precisely interrupting the circuit at a pre-defined temperature. RTS stands for "Reflowable Thermal Switch". The RTS can be mounted using conventional reflow soldering techniques with temperature profiles up to 260 °C. After the solder process, the RTS is mechanically activated by depressing the top into place, arming the RTS to trip at 210 °C.

Magnetic Separator For Lithium Battery Powder
POWDER Goudsmit Magnetics of Waalre, the Netherlands has recently produced a rotating magnetic separator intended for the metal-free processing of lithium-ion powder intended for batteries. The quality of cathode powders such as nickel, cadmium and lithium must be optimal to guarantee the operation of a battery. Any metal contamination present in the powder reduces the quality of the material mix and leads to a battery's short life. The automatic cleaning rotating magnetic separator filters metal particles as small as 30 µm from the poorly flowing lithium powder.

Bosch Rexroth Details Technology Solutions for Battery Manufacturing in New Brochure
Bosch Rexroth's new Factory Automation Battery Manufacturing brochure provides a detailed look at key challenges in every major battery manufacturing process and the advanced range of Rexroth solutions to meet those challenges. Bosch Rexroth is a globally established provider of automation solutions for battery production in various formats and technologies. The brochure reviews critical throughput, process control, productivity and quality control challenges for the major battery manufacturing process steps. Addressing these challenges, the brochure details a range of advanced, cross-technology Rexroth solutions for electrode production, cell production and battery module and pack assembly stations.

NeoGraf Solutions Wins $2 Million U.S. Department of Energy Grant for FuelL Cell Development
NeoGraf Solutions, a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance natural and synthetic graphite sheets, rolls and powders, has been awarded a $2 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for the development of graphite bipolar plates for heavy-duty fuel cell applications. The NeoGraf proposal was among 31 projects which received a total of $52.5 million to advance next-generation clean hydrogen technologies and support DOE's recently announced Hydrogen Energy Earthshot initiative. The grant will fund the technology advancement of low-cost, flexible graphite bipolar plates for heavy-duty fuel cell applications for the U.S. trucking and mass transportation industries.




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