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The Silicone Toolbox: How Decades of Silicone Technology Is Enabling Advanced Automotive Batteries Achieve Better Reliability, Performance and Value
Contributed Commentary By Kate Johnson and Bruce Hilman, Dow Performance Silicones
The versatile properties of the silicone molecule enable highly tunable performance attributes that are driving new innovations for streamlining assembly and enhancing the performance of advanced automotive batteries.

How I Stumbled into Something BIG: The Founding of the Soteria Battery Innovation Group
Contributed Commentary By Brian Morin, Soteria
Last year Brian MorinI found himself with a dramatic improvement to battery architecture—and a market dead end. But necessity is the mother of invention, and much discussion led to a key discovery about the market.

New Electrode Materials Speed Battery Charging
By Battery Power Staff
Researchers from the University of Cambridge have been working on a class of materials—niobium tungsten oxides—to use as a battery electrode. Two particular oxides have a complex crystalline structure, and researchers report that lithium ions move through them at rates that far exceed those of typical electrode materials.

Charging Station Funding, New Boeing Batteries, Safety Materials: Jul 2018
By Battery Power Staff
News and product briefs from EV Connect, Saft, Boeing, Cementex, and more.

Powering Wearable Devices: Addressing Power Demands On The Go
Contributed Commentary by Michele Windsor, Ultralife
Modern technologies which were the reserve of sci-fi less than ten years ago are currently being developed…


Ultralife's U1 Smart Battery Is Qualified For Use In Medical Carts
Ultralife Corporation's URB12400-U1-SMB batteries are now qualified for use with medical cart inverters from Tripp Lite and Ametek Powervar.

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Solid State Progress Reduces Electrical Resistance Between Cathode, Electrolyte
Researchers in Japan have developed a safer and higher-performing solid state battery by reducing electrical resistance at the cathode/solid electrolyte interface.

The Battery Boom Could Burn Investors
Some of the latest battery technologies could become obsolete before reaching the market because of the breakneck pace of advances in the industry.

Pellion Technologies Selling Lithium-Metal Batteries
Pellion Technologies says they have built a reliable rechargeable lithium-metal battery and have been selling the battery since February.

World's First Thermal Battery Plant Unveiled In India
Bharat Energy Storage Technology announced the inauguration of the world's first-ever facility to create thermal batteries in Andhra Pradesh, India.




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