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International Battery Seminar 2017 Highlights

AABC Europe Highlights


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Improving Electrical System Reliability Through Comprehensive Battery Service
Commentary contributed by Brandon Schuler, Supervising Engineer, DC Services • Vertiv's Electrical Reliability Services
When it comes to the electrical systems in industrial and commercial facilities and power plants, total system reliability is the top priority. That requires an approach to electrical system service that encompasses both the AC and DC power systems. These two systems play an interconnected and equally critical role in ensuring overall reliability. Daily production and the protection of equipment requires seamless interaction between the two systems.

Bringing Military Medical Devices into the 21st Century
Commentary contributed by Neil Oliver, Technical Marketing Manager, Accutronics Ltd.
In the 15th century, soldiers injured in battle were left on the battlefield for two to three days until their condition either stabilized or they died. Since the efforts of surgeon Ambroise Paré in the same century, one of the forerunners in improving medical treatment for injured soldiers, the care that soldiers receive today is much safer, quicker, and well organized. The British Ministry of Defence (MoD) delivers health services for 200,000 service personnel, 50,000 dependents and many veterans. This ranges from emergency battlefield trauma-care to routine health concerns. To monitor this, the MoD uses a system known as Integrated Systems Health Management (ISHM), used across the worldwide defense sector.

Exhibit Highlights from the 35th International Battery Seminar
The 35th International Battery Seminar took place March 26-29 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. In addition to the in-depth tutorials, presentations and poster sessions, more than 100 exhibits showcased some to the latest technology in the battery industry. The products and services they represent ranged from battery assembly and testing equipment to material suppliers and software providers. As the Battery Power Online team toured the exhibit hall, we collected a small sampling of the products and technologies that were on display.


PosiCharge ProCore OC Electric Forklift Charger
AeroVironment, Inc., a supplier of industrial fast and opportunity charging solutions for electric forklifts has introduced PosiCharge ProCore OC, the newest addition to the company's premium intelligent charging family that supports and charges any material handling battery.

Low-Power Microcontrollers Extend Battery Life for Wearables and Other Compact Devices
Designers of internet of things (IoT) sensors, environmental sensors, smartwatches, medical/preventive health wearables, and other size-constrained devices can now increase battery life and functionality using the ultra-low power MAX32660 and MAX32652 microcontrollers from Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. These microcontrollers (MCUs) are based on the Arm Cortex-M4 with FPU processor and provide designers the means to develop advanced applications under restrictive power constraints.

AVX Releases T4Z Medical Series Tantalum Capacitors for Non-Critical Medical Devices
AVX Corp. has released the T4Z Medical series HRC4000 medical-grade tantalum capacitors. Designed to replace commercial capacitors in the filtering, hold-up, and charging circuits of non-critical medical devices that require high-reliability and strict change control. These include implantable, non-life-sustaining devices, external, life-sustaining devices, and external non-life-sustaining devices. The new T4Z Medical series solid tantalum capacitors are based on a MIL-PRF-55365 product line with more than 25 years of proven high-reliability performance in the medical industry.

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Lithium Werks Acquires Industrial Business of A123 Systems
Lithium Werks has acquired the original A123 Systems manufacturing plants located in Changzhou, China. These plants were the first to introduce the NanoPhosphate technology in the form of cylindrical cells that have been used globally in a wide array of applications, especially in the industrial market.

OXIS Energy's Lithium Sulfur Future Automotive Battery Project
The Lithium Sulfur Future Automotive Battery (LiSFAB) project, valued at £7 million, led by OXIS Energy and funded by Innovate UK will help to transform electric vehicle technology for commercial use. It will develop a next generation cell and module that is suitable for large electric vehicles such as trucks and buses and will deliver a 400 Wh/kg Li-S cell that will have the significantly improved power and cycle life required by large automotive applications.

KULR Technology to Commercialize Li-Ion Battery Safety Testing Devices Developed by NASA, NREL
KULR Technology has reached agreement with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, funded by the US Department of Energy, to be the exclusive manufacturing and distribution partner for the patented Internal Short Circuit (ISC) device that causes predictable battery cell failures in lithium-ion batteries, making them easier to study and, therefore, safer.

Researchers Charge Ahead to Develop Better Batteries
They die at the most inconvenient times. Cellphones go dark during important conversations because a battery hasn't been recharged. Or the automotive industry revs up with excitement for a new battery-powered vehicle, but it needs frequent recharging. Or yardwork is delayed because the battery for your string trimmer is dead. Researchers at The University of Texas at Dallas have developed a high-powered, environmentally safe lithium-sulfur substitute that could drastically lengthen battery life.




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