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A Quick Guide to UPS System Battery Maintenance and Monitoring
Commentary contributed by Rob Hirschberg, Head of Marketing and Ken Wright, Technical Telecom Manager with Alpine Power Systems
Every UPS (uninterruptible power supply) system has a battery that initiates when loss of power from the main-source is identified. The battery is the life behind every UPS system. The UPS battery acts as a secondary power source that allows data to be saved in the event of a commercial power outage. Unfortunately, the battery is the weakest link in every UPS system. UPS batteries should be properly maintained and monitored to prolong their life, mitigate safety concerns, and most importantly, avoid downtime. Follow this simple guide below to learn the importance of battery maintenance and monitoring and understand how to perform these tasks effectively.


K2 Energy Solutions, Inc. Releases U1 Battery
K2 Energy Solutions has announced two new U1 battery models available in 12 and 24 volts. K2's proprietary Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) technology increases the cycle life and depth of discharge capabilities of this U1 Battery line, surpassing similar lead-acid batteries on the market. Moreover, the inherently safe characteristics of LFP should not be overlooked because LFP is less susceptible to thermal runaway due to limited release of oxygen if abused.

ZincFive's UPS Delivers New Standards in Performance, Safety, and Simplicity
ZincFive, Inc. has introduced the ZincFive UPS for mission critical IT and represents a shift in power protection deployment through new benchmarks for performance, safety and simplicity in data center operation. UPS performance is redefined through a scalable and modular system offering a 6 kW to 48 kW, 3 phase, power-dense, lightweight, small footprint building block design with capacity upgrades in 6 kW increments. Customers can surgically place precise levels of power protection where and when they need it.

New 1-MHz Active Clamp Flyback Chipset and 6-A Three-Level Buck Battery Charger
Texas Instruments (TI) has introduced several new power management chips that enable designers to boost efficiency and shrink power-supply and charger solution sizes for personal electronics and handheld industrial equipment. Operating at up to 1 MHz, TI's new chipset combines the UCC28780 active clamp flyback controller and the UCC24612 synchronous rectifier controller to help cut the size of power supplies in AC/DC adapters and USB Power Delivery chargers in half.

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GE Announces Energy Storage Platform Called the Reservoir
With a commitment to deliver cleaner, more reliable power where and when it's needed most, GE launched the GE Reservoir - a comprehensive energy storage platform that delivers a suite of customized storage solutions to help customers address new challenges and seek new opportunities in a rapidly transforming power grid that is becoming more highly diversified and distributed.

Sweet Relief for Lithium Batteries' Dendrite Problem
Sugar may not be good for your health, but the wrinkle it provides to researchers could be great for the future of battery technology. Scientists at Rice University and Arizona State University got a bit of sweet satisfaction from their solution to a long-standing conundrum: the formation of dendrites that degrade and ultimately destroy lithium metal batteries. The team uses sugar cubes as a key component in building dendrite-quenching substrates for lithium anodes.

Mapping Nanoscale Chemical Reactions Inside Batteries in 3-D
Researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have developed a new technique that lets them pinpoint the location of chemical reactions happening inside lithium-ion batteries in three dimensions at the nanoscale level.

Bosch Opts for Outsourcing Battery Cells Over In-House Manufacturing
Bosch aims to lead the mass market for electromobility that will emerge after 2020. In this endeavor, it is relying on its systems expertise and the development and manufacture of key components of the electrical powertrain, such as the electric motor, power electronics, and battery systems. The company will continue to buy in the cells needed to make these battery systems. For economic reasons, Bosch has decided not to set up cell manufacturing operations of its own.




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