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Dow introduces new products to South Korean market, features robust portfolio of conductive silicones at InterBattery 2019

October 17, 2019




United States

Dow introduces new products to South Korean market, features robust portfolio of conductive silicones at InterBattery 2019

Dow’s booth spotlights company’s fast-growing portfolio of thermally and electrically conductive silicones for e-mobility applications.  


SEOUL, South Korea – October 16, 2019 Dow (NYSE: Dow), a global leader in silicones, silicon-based technology and innovation, introduced here at InterBattery 2019 (Booth M500) two products for the South Korean market:  DOWSIL™ EA-4700 CV Adhesive, a fast room-temperature cure adhesive for e-mobility substrates, and DOWSIL™ thermally conductive gap fillers for electric vehicle (EV) batteries. The company is also spotlighting DOWSIL™ EC-6601 Electrically Conductive Adhesive for shielding against electromagnetic interference (EMI), a growing concern for EV designers, as well as a number of other advanced silicone solutions for a range of e-mobility applications.

In particular, Dow is showcasing its strong, broad and growing portfolio of conductive silicone technologies for applications such as battery packs, control units, automotive electronics and transportation assemblies.

“Dow invites designers, engineers and OEMs alike to discuss their e-mobility applications with us,” said Bruce Hilman, global segment leader, Transportation Electronics, Dow. “Our experts collaborate with customers from ‘art to part’ to help solve a range of challenges – from thermal management and module assembly to encapsulation and more. By seeking the right solutions together, the e-mobility industry can leverage Dow’s industry-leading portfolio of high-performance conductive silicones and extensive industry expertise. This includes deep insights into evolving design and regulatory requirements, application development and global industry trends.”

Dow’s DOWSIL™ EA-4700 CV Adhesive is a next-generation silicone for module assembly that is capable of room temperature curing at fast speeds while maintaining the performance advantages typically expected from silicone adhesives. This two-part, primeless adhesive reduces or eliminates oven curing, bonds to metals and plastics and has low levels of volatile condensable materials to support its use near sensitive electronic components. DOWSIL™ EA-4700 CV Adhesive also allows heat exposure to accelerate adhesion development without the risk of voiding.

Dow will also showcase DOWSIL™ thermally conductive gap fillers at the show. These advanced silicone for battery cells and battery packs dissipates heat between battery cells and a battery’s cooling plate, extending the life of the battery pack while providing greater efficiency. Importantly, Dow’s new gap filler provides greater design freedom by expanding the options for balancing performance against thermal conductivity.

Dow’s DOWSIL™ EC-6601 Electrically Conductive Adhesive combines strong EMI shielding capabilities across a wide range of frequencies with durable mechanical and conductive properties over time. This new adhesive forms a strong bond to a variety of metal and plastic substrates with benefits that include better material strength and increased flexibility. DOWSIL™ EC-6601 Electrically Conductive Adhesive can be used as an adhesive, a formed-in-place gasket (FIPG) or a cure-in-place gasket (CIPG).

Media and other visitors to Dow’s booth at InterBattery 2019, can also discover DOWSIL™ adhesives and foams for increased assembly productivity and reduced noise, vibration and harshness (NVH). DOWSIL™ silicone foams are well-suited for use as compression gaskets or as environmental seals that protect against ambient air, splashed water, dust and moisture. Dow is also showing how a cylindrical cell module, a pouch cell module, an engine control unit and a transmission control unit all use Dow’s advanced silicone materials.

InterBattery 2019 is running in Seoul in Coex Hall B from Oct. 16 – 18. Dow technical and market experts are available for the duration of the show to provide guidance and technical support, discuss products on display, and share information about the company’s broad portfolio of solutions to existing industry challenges.

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Photos: Visitors to Dow’s Booth (M500) at InterBattery 2019, get a close-up look at mobility battery modules - cylindrical cell (left) and pouch cell (right) – using Dow’s silicone technologies.