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  • Oak Ridge Electrolyte Add-In Turns Liquid Electrolytes Solid on Impact - BATTERY POWER ONLINE | The Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory has exclusively licensed a liquid-to-solid battery electrolyte technology to Safire Technology Group. The collection of five patented technologies is designed for a drop-in additive for lithium-ion batteries that prevents explosions and fire from impact. more..
  • Funding for Dry-Electrode Technology, Gigafactory Partnerships, EVs, More - BATTERY POWER NEWS | News and funding updates from the across the battery landscape include new EV battery partnerships, supply partnerships for Lithium-Iron Phosphate batteries, a $25M Series A for lithium-ion dry-electrode technology, and more. more..
  • Smart Temperature Control for Modern and Eco-friendly Battery Manufacturers - BATTERY POWER INSIGHTS | Battery manufacturers are constantly optimizing their processes to meet the increased industry demand for batteries due to the rise in smart technology and electric vehicle development. However, only a few are aware of the impact these enhancements can have on their temperature-cooling needs. As improvements are made, battery manufacturers should consider… more..
  • How Lithium-Ion Battery Management Systems Provide Value In A Data-Centric World  - BATTERY POWER INSIGHTS | Using battery management systems to monitor health and charge allows batteries to operate more efficiently and prevent downtime. Lithium batteries include battery management and monitoring systems that offer increased visibility for critical power systems.  more..
  • High-Energy Cathodes Without All the Stress - BATTERY POWER INSIGHTS | An overarching goal in lithium-ion battery research and development is to increase cathode and anode energy density without severely sacrificing cycle life, shelf life, charge rate, or safety. Batteries operate by storing charge through the physical transfer of ions in addition to electrons between electrodes. Thus, it is difficult to break… more..
  • Automotive Perspectives on Solid-State Batteries - BATTERY POWER INSIGHTS | Leading automotive OEMs and solid-state battery companies gathered in Chicago at the recent Solid-State Battery Summit to discuss the promises and pitfalls of this burgeoning technology. more..
  • Battery Funding, Research Updates, More: Sept 2022 - BATTERY POWER NEWS | The month has been full of battery industry news from the Battery Show and beyond. Updates this month include funding for electric vehicle battery manufacturing and battery safety, plant optimization for greenfield battery sites, progress toward sustainable gigafactories, and more. more..
  • ONEJOON GmbH Mourns the Loss of Colleague Peter Vervoort - BATTERY POWER NEWS | ONEJOON GmbH announces the death of Vice President Peter Vervoort. more..

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Industry Spotlight

Leak Testing Systems for Li-ion Battery Production
Pfeiffer Vacuum offers leak testing solutions that utilize air and tracer gases for Li-ion battery production. Leak detection is essential for battery cells, cell components, cooling circuits, battery modules, as well as on complete battery packs to ensure protection from moisture ingress.

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Industry Spotlight

Experience our new 3D series on the different leak detection methods!
Ranging from leak localization over integral testing to sniffing and bombing testing.