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  • Navigating the Battery Production Multiverse To Improve Speed to Market - BATTERY POWER INSIGHTS | Battery manufacturing requires extremely tight assembly tolerances and high rates of throughput, with real-time inspection, data capture and communication via machine and plant-level control systems. The process involves a “multiverse” of technologies, such as automation controls, drives, linear motion and material handling systems, to help satisfy these requirements. How can all… more..
  • Addressing the Battery Mineral Supply Chain - BATTERY POWER NEWS | Electrifying transportation and bringing electrochemical energy storage onto the grid to support intermittent renewables require colossal magnitudes of raw materials. The world is heading for 3–5 terawatt hours (TWh) of energy storage by 2030. Each TWh will require something like 1.5 million tons of cathode active material and 800,000 tons of… more..
  • The Unique Battery Requirements of Laptops and Power Tools  - BATTERY POWER NEWS | Portable electronics and lithium-ion batteries have grown up together over the past thirty years. While EV battery capacity is dwarfing that used in consumer electronics, the number of lithium-ion batteries you carry and the profound ways in which they impact your life are as large as ever. Researchers from leading electronic… more..
  • Fostering Entrepreneurship and Investment at the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference - BATTERY POWER NEWS | Innovators in battery technology have created start-ups across the value chain in the areas of raw materials, new electrode and electrolyte chemistries, additives and coatings, recycling, and battery intelligence. A special session of the last American Automotive Battery Conference (AABC) brought together early- and late-stage start-ups along with market advisors and… more..
  • Spotlight on Graphite: Prospects for Europe and North America - BATTERY POWER NEWS | In a discussion of graphite at the 2022 International Battery Seminar, speakers highlighted world’s reliance on China for graphite, the misaligned timescales upstream in the battery supply chain, company efforts to supply synthetic graphite, and more. more..
  • Tesla Research Group Published Work on 100-Year Batteries - BATTERY POWER NEWS | Following up on results discussed at the 2022 International Battery Seminar, Jeff Dahn’s research group at Dalhousie University has now published work demonstrating the attainability of 100-year batteries. The work, “Li[Ni0.5Mn0.3Co0.2]O2 as a Superior Alternative to LiFePO4 for Long-Lived Low Voltage Li-Ion Cells,” was published May in The Journal of the… more..
  • Porsche Investment in Lithium-Silicon, Giga-Factory Commitments, More - BATTERY POWER NEWS | Battery industry news including new funding for lithium-silicon and other new battery chemistries, recycling updates, pouch cell validation, and more. more..
  • Can Batteries Put Your Company on the Path to Net Zero? - BATTERY POWER INSIGHTS | Net Zero is a public goal for an increasing number of businesses as climate concerns grow to a crescendo. While admirable, the notion of completely overhauling the power solution for any business operation could be intimidating. Long-term infrastructure plans can be a major investment and can often take years to implement.… more..

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Industry Spotlight

Leak Testing Systems for Li-ion Battery Production
Pfeiffer Vacuum offers leak testing solutions that utilize air and tracer gases for Li-ion battery production. Leak detection is essential for battery cells, cell components, cooling circuits, battery modules, as well as on complete battery packs to ensure protection from moisture ingress.

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Industry Spotlight

Experience our new 3D series on the different leak detection methods!
Ranging from leak localization over integral testing to sniffing and bombing testing.