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  • Battery Recycling: How to Get There, Progress Along The Way - BATTERY POWER NEWS | Battery recycling was the subject of a symposium last month at the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference, Europe, and rightfully so. It’s the focus of a great deal of attention. more..
  • 3 Ways the Biden Administration Could Impact the Battery Industry - BATTERY POWER INSIGHTS | Biden’s clean energy investments include a $300 billion boost in federal R&D spending as well as a $400 billion procurement budget for sustainable energy products made in America. Here are three ways the Biden administration could impact the battery industry. more..
  • Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Market: Drivers and Restraints - BATTERY POWER NEWS | The lithium-ion battery recycling market is driven by a variety of key drivers and restraints that vary market to market. Five drivers define market scenarios: LIB market expansion, cost structure and profitability, technology and investment, balance between reuse and recycling, and regulations and safety requirements. more..
  • How Europe’s Joint Research Centre Is Testing Batteries - BATTERY POWER NEWS | Andreas Pfrang, a European Commission Scientific Officer, outlined some of the functionalities from the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) battery testing laboratory in Petten, the Netherlands. more..
  • China’s Take on Raw Materials Critical to EV Batteries - BATTERY POWER NEWS | Defining critical raw materials is an exercise in responding to socio-economic forces, Alison Saxby said last month during the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference Europe. And China’s approach has been different than other major players. more..
  • Raw Materials’ Impact on EV Battery Market In Europe - BATTERY POWER NEWS | “The Li-ion battery industry has proven to be a tough industry in the last decade. Abundant competition, steep learning curves, aggressive capital investments, and demand uncertainty have led to a low-margin industry,” said Alison Saxby, Managing Director at Roskill Information Services. Yet Roskill predicts changing tides, positioning the EV and battery… more..
  • Panasonic’s Plans For Pack Size, Sustainability, Gigafactory Update - BATTERY POWER NEWS | Celina Mikolajczak, VP of Engineering and Battery Technology at Panasonic Energy of North America (PENA), updated the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference attendees yesterday on the Gigafactory located outside Reno, Nevada—a shared space between PENA and Tesla. more..
  • GM CEO Barra Outlines All-Electric Future with AI On Board at CES  - BATTERY POWER NEWS | GM CEO Mary Barra outlined plans for the company to go “all electric” in its vehicle lineup at the CES event held virtually this week.   more..

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Vacuum Technology for Li-ion Batteries

Vacuum Technology for Li-ion Batteries
Pfeiffer Vacuum offers solutions for Li-ion battery production including drying, filling under vacuum and leak testing. For drying processes under vacuum or pre-evacuation prior to electrolyte filling there are dry and oil-sealed standard and ATEX pumps. Leak testing systems with air and tracer gases for components like cell covers, modules, packs and coolant circuits ensure battery performance.

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Experience our new 3D series on the different leak detection methods!
Ranging from leak localization over integral testing to sniffing and bombing testing.