Resource Guide

The 2016 Battery Power Resource Guide offers an opportunity to promote battery products & services with a paid display advertisement, and a bonus editorial space at no charge!

  • Full Page Editorial: 1-line headline, two images, 700 words, two embedded links
  • Half Page Editorial: 1-line headline, one image, 350 words, one embedded link

The deadline is July 29th, 2016 to sign up, and August 5th for advertising materials.

Benefits to Participants

1) Reach a large, targeted audience of professional-level buyers, specifiers and integrators throughout North America

2) Reach a core buyer market of influencers and decision makers looking for insight, education and solutions.

3) Reach buyers at all key purchasing and decision points across the spectrum. Technical professionals including system and design engineers; operations managers and executives with purchasing decision authority and influence; dealers and integrators that drive channel purchases.

4) Deliver your message visually and directly to this powerful audience. The unique combination of technical, market and product/service information provides a conducive environment for gaining valuable market and mindshare.

5) Participants are specifically included in the editorial content of the guide, and benefit from its sourcing-oriented impact.

6) Powerful lead generation: Online interactivity is hot-linked directly to your website for immediate, direct response with no “middle-man” intervention. You control all follow-up and tracking.

7) Benefit from Webcom’s cross-promotion to multiple markets for technology products and services. All Webcom resource guides are cross-promoted across all of its media platforms throughout the year in its online publications and knowledge centers, conference promotions, all targeting professional-level buyers of technology products and services. You benefit from added exposure to many markets.

Contact Robert Schaudt to find out more about this important guide to the battery industry.

Full Page Spread – $2,250 – One full page ad and a full page of editorial space (700 words, 2 images).

Full Page – $1,350 – One half page ad (horizontal or island) and half page of editorial space (350 words, 1 image).

Quarter Page Company Profile – $795 – Free to Display advertisers. Includes 150 word company or product description, complete contact information, company logo.

Sample Categories in the 2016 Resource Guide:
    • Batteries
      • Primary Battery Manufacturer
      • Secondary Battery Manufacturer
      • Battery Pack/Assembly Manufacturer
    • Battery Chemistries
      • Alkaline
      • Lead-Acid
      • Lithium Iron Phosphate
      • Lithium Polymer
      • Lithium
      • Lithium-Ion
      • Manganese
      • Mercury
      • Ni-CD
      • Ni-MH
      • Silver
      • Thermal
      • Zinc
    • Markets/Industry Served
      • Aerospace/Aviation
      • Automotive
      • Consumer Electronics/Tools
      • Electric Vehicles
      • Industrial/Utility
      • Marine
      • Medical
      • Military
      • Renewable Energy Systems
      • Standby/Telecom/UPS
    • Suppliers
      • Accessories
      • Battery Assembly Equipment
      • Battery Monitoring
      • Breakers
      • Cables/Harnesses
      • Capacitors/Ultracapacitors
      • Carbon
      • Chargers
      • Coatings
      • Components
      • Connectors
      • Consulting Services
      • Converters
      • Docking Stations
      • Dry Rooms
      • Electrolytes
      • Enclosures
      • Forming Systems
      • Fuses
      • Holders
      • Integrated Circuits/Semiconductors
        • Battery Monitors
        • Charge Controllers
        • Current Controllers
        • Fuel Gauges
        • Microcontrollers
        • Power Conversion
        • Temperature Sensors
      • Inverters
      • Manufacturing Systems
      • Materials
      • Powders
      • Power Supplies
      • Racks/Cabinets
      • Raw Materials
      • Recycling
      • Regulator
      • Safety Systems/Equipment
      • Standby Power/UPS Systems
      • Supply Chain/Distributor
      • Switches
      • Terminals
      • Testin Services
      • Testing Systems & Equipment
      • Thermal Processing
      • Watering Systems