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Spring 2017

Five Questions Power Supply Professionals Should Ask Themselves About UPS Battery Maintenance and Replacement
Scott Baer, Marketing Manager-Batteries, Vertiv Services
In a recent battery maintenance quiz sponsored by Vertiv, formerly Emerson Network Power, 71 percent of respondents accurately answered that during a power interruption, it only takes one bad cell to cause your data center’s uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to drop a critical load. Batteries are indeed the weakest link in the power chain and are historically a leading cause of costly downtime.

Adaptive Charging: Extending Battery Life and Reducing Costs in Mission Critical Telecommunications Standby Systems
Alex Rawitz, Business Development Manager, Servato Corp.
The accelerating growth of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and applications require continuous investment in telecommunications networks to provide the connectivity for millions of new devices. As more devices connect to the Internet, service outages become more impactful to the people and businesses that rely on IoT applications.

A New Power-Cycling Strategy for Testing the Reliability of Power Electronics Modules
Dr. John Parry, Mentor Graphics Corp.
The particular power cycling strategy you choose for high-power semiconductor devices, such as power transistors, diodes, MOSFETs and IGBTs, during reliability tests can have a significant effect on predicted lifetime results even if the tests have similar initial parameters. Also, how you set up the measurements can affect the results of the power cycling tests.

Grid-Tied vs. Behind-the-Meter Energy Storage: Putting Power Back in the Hands of End-Users
Catherine Von Burg, President and CEO, SimpliPhi Power
All over the country, winter storms are known to cause power outages that last for days or weeks at a time. As a result, upstate New York homeowner Bob Schluter designed a fully-automated, net-zero smart home with the ability to fully function off the grid for three weeks or more.

What You Must Do Before Shipping Batteries to India
Jody Leber, Global Battery Manager, SGS
The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) recently gave smartphone manufacturers who want to ship batteries to India a little more breathing room. But just a little. In June 2016, the BIS released new norms that for the first time requires handset vendors to test smartphone batteries separately.

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Winter 2016

Q&A with Inventus Power CEO Pat Trippel
Battery Power’s Senior Editor, Shannon Given, had the opportunity to interview Pat Trippel, the recently announced CEO of Inventus Power. Inventus Power is the is the largest vertically integrated power systems manufacturer in the US and produces custom battery solutions for medical, military, commercial and consumer markets in nine countries across the globe.

Battery Diagnostics On-the-Fly: Removing the “Black-Box” Stigma by Making Performance Transparent
Isidor Buchmann, CEO & Founder, Cadex Electronics, Inc.     
Battery users imagine a battery pack being an energy storage device that resembles a fuel tank dispensing liquid fuel. For simplicity reasons, a battery can indeed be perceived as a vessel storing electrical energy; however, measuring energy flowing into an electrochemical device and then drawing it out again is far more complex than handling liquid fuel.

Improve Tab to Terminal Connections in Battery Pack Manufacturing
Geoff Shannon, Amada Miyachi America, Inc.
Battery packs have become an integral part of everyday life, powering a growing range of portable electronic devices, cordless power tools, energy storage and hybrid and electric vehicles. Tab to terminal connection welding is one of the key battery pack manufacturing applications.

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Fall 2016

Improving Lithium-Ion Battery for Future Energy Storage Needs
Different electrical energy storage applications require a different set of energy storage solutions based on their own unique specifications. Therefore, different electric energy storage applications possess different order of priorities for storage device features often associated with specific types of electrical energy storage technology.

Protecting Lithium Batteries and Battery Packs from Runaway Thermal Events
The market for lithium batteries and battery packs is booming.  With extensive applications in automotive, IT, aerospace, consumer electronics and a myriad of industrial sectors, the usage of rechargeable lithium batteries is growing throughout the world.  The market for lithium-ion batteries alone is expected to exceed $30 billion in the next few years.

Sorting Busbar Choices for Electric Vehicle Power Distribution
Interest in electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) is growing steadily as battery technologies improve and the driving range of such vehicles increases. Perhaps as important, EVs/HEVs offer a “green” alternative to traditional vehicles powered by internal-combustion gasoline engines.

2016 Battery Power Resource Guide
Battery Type • Chemistries • Industries Served • Battery Suppliers

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Summer 2016

Toolbox Energy Storage Systems: Modeling, Simulating and Testing Battery Systems of (H)EVs
Jörg Sauer, Senior Applications Engineer Modeling • dSPACE GmbH

Enhancing Smartphone Battery Performance During GSM Pulses Through The Use of a Parallel Supercapacitor
Ron Demcko • AVX Fellow
Patrick German, Field Applications Engineer • AVX Corp.


Spring 2016

Reducing TCO with the Right UPS Architecture and Operating ModePeter Panfil, Vice President, Global Power • Emerson Network Power

Decades of Data: Using Analytics to Predict the Future
Brian Hanking, CTO • Canara

Top Four Considerations for Battery Management in a Connected World
Chris Mangum, CEO and Chairman • Servato

Designing and Managing Custom Battery Pack Plastic Enclosures
Anton Beck, Battery Product Manager • Epec Engineered Technologies

Assessment of Performance and Safety on Lithium Ion Pouch Battery Under Various Test Conditions
Joshua Su, Sr. Engineering Manager • HZO

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Winter 2015

The Changing Landscape of Battery Storage
Robert Magyar • VARTA Storage GmbH

A Review of America’s First Step Towards the Harmonization of Portable Battery Standards: UL 62133
John C. Copeland, VP/COO • Energy Assurance LLC

Latent Heat Storage Based Thermal Management Materials For Lithium-Ion Batteries
Joe Kelly, Materials Scientist • Outlast Technologies, LLC

Energy Density Comparison of Silver-Zinc Button Cells with Rechargeable Li-Ion and Li-Polymer Coin and Miniature Prismatic Cells
Jeff Ortega, Ph.D., Director of Research, ZPower, LLC
Ross Dueber, Ph.D., President and CEO, ZPower, LLC

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Fall 2015

2015 Resource Guide

Real-Time Battery Modeling in HiL Testing of Battery Management Systems
Paul Goossens, Vice President, Engineering Solutions, Maplesoft

Battery Second Use Offsets Electric Vehicle Expenses, Improves Grid Stability

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