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Keynote Sessions from IATA and PowerRox Announced

Join us at Battery Power 2017 for two days of sessions focused on powering mobile/portable devices for consumer, medical and military applications.

Early registration deadline is March 16th. Register today before prices increase. Team and OEM discounts are available.

Keynote Sessions:

Lithium Ion Batteries Past, Present and Future
The uses and demand for lithium ion batteries continues to grow, which places ongoing pressure on the regulations and regulators to manage and mitigate the associated hazards. This session will look at how the transport regulations have developed and evolved over the years to try to mitigate the risks. We will then look forward to explore possible opportunities to develop a more coordinated and cohesive approach that provides industry with a more stable set of transport regulations.
David Brennan, Assistant Director Cargo Safety & Standards, IATA

Energy Harvesting is Changing the Battery Landscape from Consumer to 5G
When one thinks of things that will impact battery markets, energy harvesting is not typically the first thing that comes to mind. That may have been true in the past, but will change moving forward. Nearly all applications in the world of electronics are limited by an available amount of energy, which makes batteries (or energy storage in one form or another) a critical, yet limiting, system component that is an inconvenient necessity. With this in‐mind, anything that can mitigate storage should have a widespread impact to the entire battery‐based ecology. The emergence of the energy harvesting ecosystem is a fascinating and growing area that yearns to free devices of their batteries and power cords from the smallest IoT device up to large‐scale systems such as a 5G cellular network. Most folks tend to dismiss the many forms of energy harvesting as either a lab experiment and/or something that does not yield enough usable power from the ambient environment. When we look deeper into a variety of applications and investigate what power requirements really are, at a fundamental level, there is a surprising amount of opportunities for utilization of energy harvesting techniques.
Brian Zahnstecher, Principal, PowerRox

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